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Jango Wes

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Ok, here's what I have. I need new wookie braids, shin tools, blaster, gauntlets and helmet. Oh yeah, it needs weathering, I know. The vest turned under at the bottom before the pic was taken. It's hard doing this by yourself. The back of the vest wasn't fastened either. You'd figure with opposible thumbs, we could at least reach around behind our backs.



armor: FP
jumpsuit: my mom (DON'T LAUGH!)
spats: batninja
vest: batninja
belt: batninja
neckseal: TK409
pouches: me
boots: me
gloves: The Real Gloves

Thumbs up Wes, lookin good bro.

I serriously had to reread your parts list, at first look (at the pic's) I took that for a SGB jumpsuit. So when is she gonna start taking orders for these ;), tell her she did fantastic and has recieved her TDH official seal of approval :cheers
To be honest, Bob, I'm not sure how big the spats are supposed to be. They fit well and they were the right price (FREE!) so not much complaining on my part. I'm going to put snaps on the cod and jumpsuit to hold that in place and add the Mando thong strap. I have to dremel out the slots for the JP on the back plate and finish the kidney plate. Once that's done, I'll post again.

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