Just wanted to share this (Boba Fett Paint job) pics


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Hi just wanted to share this paint job I just finished up on for someone.It took awhile as I laid on several coats of self etching primer.The lighter green base coat was also applied in several coats.The other colors were sprayed on as well in several coats. I then painstakingly hand chipped all the areas and textured and weathered the silver areas so it has the look and even feel of exposed metal.The pics throw off the actual colors the red is a little redder than in the pics and the silver damged ares dont show the texture and detail like in person but youll get the idea. I also hand painted on all the little ear details as well. The muti layerd colors that show at the paints chipped ares looks great.Took a long time but the results were great.Hope you like.-Jason
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