Just getting started with a raw fg pull. I need advice.

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I just received a fresh FG helmet. It still has seams and needs patched up a bit. I need some advice on how to start. What are the best tools to clean the seams off with? Should I use bondo to patch with? Also what grit of sandpaper should I start with? The surface reminds me of an orange peel.

I tried searching, maybe I didn't search on the right terms but I couldn't find these answers. I want to do this right the first time.

thanks in advance.
What I did with mine was trim off the excess FG around the bottom first. Then using a medium grit sandpaper(somewhere in the 200 grit or so)sand lightly over the seems and then bottom that I cut. The take Bondo and apply a little over the seem lines just to cover it up. You can use anything to apply it but you will want to take something thin and flat like a piece of plastic or cardstock to smooth it out.I fill and holes or inperfections at this time as well. When it's hard sand it smooth, feathering the Bondo into the FG. I also lightly sandpaper the rest of the helmet too. Then add primer to check out how you've done and if it looks good paint it. If not add more Bondo or sand or whatever.:)
I second that. I have a FG helmet as well. I didnt have a seem on mine? But i had a boat load of excess FG on the bottom. I was afraid of cutting it cuz i didnt want to crack the helmet, so i just took a rough grit and sanded it off.

Be sure to in a well ventilated area cuz FG dust isnt the best thing for ur lungs. Use one of those foam mouth pieces, if u dont have one take a hankercheif (spelling?) and wet it, then wrap it around ur mouth. Also have eye protection.

For paints I used car paints. THey come in a spray can and they worked well. If u need help on anything else just ask!
Also get yourself some files, a large hardware/wood file & some small jewlers files. An assortment of sandpaper grits is recommended. Also be sure to use automotive spot putty especially OVER the bondo. Bondo tends to leave small pinholes. The most important thing..TAKE IT SLOW!!! Don't get too carried away with the filing & the grinding!
Good luck.
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