Just another gaunt question ...

I am curious as 2 why... ( I dont have them though, sorry, but theres sure to eb someone here who does)
I am trying to see the differences, if any, between those and the available kits out because I am trying to ID this set:









I added the light today. While you cant tell, the light is orange/amber. Dont know if this is correct, but hey, it looks good. machined aluminum rocket and darts. Still need the dental expander, etc...
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hmm... they dont appear to be Rufkintoys... I only know of Rufkintoy and Fettpride who made gauntlets and sold them... right?

but I don;t know whos work this could be then...
There is an ebay seller who goes by the name of darth nut who sells gauntlets, I have owned a pair but they don't look like his unless they have been changed since i had them
Here is another photo of the gauntlets, taken earlier, before the buttons were changed to black:


Hope someone can ID it for me, lol.
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