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I have a RedCap Postman Blue coverall. It looks blue/grey to the naked eye but shows up purple when photgraphed.

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Seeker (Arturo :) ,
Another trick I pulled with the coverall was I had the sleeves cut short and I have a long sleeve work shirt in the same color. I'm gonna sew the long into the into the short sleeves at the shoulder seam so that the short sleeve is on the outside and forms a pocket for putting a piece of velcor to secure the hoses form the gauntlets. I also removed all the pockets and sewed the hip pockets closed that give access to pants pockets underneath. I used a piece of the scrap pocket material to make a patch to go across the throat to secure with velcro. The remants of the shirt I'll use to make a hood for under the helmet.

I'll get pics up of all this eventually...I've been very busy lately. 14 hour days at work suck :( The money is awesome but I have no time to spend it :lol:

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To my knowledge, RedCap doesn't sell direct. You'll need to either check with a local uniform store or do an online search for uniforms and coveralls.

One of the drawbacks is that if you want something unique like a solid black or white coverall, you might have a minimum order of 6, 10, 12, etc of coveralls. I wanted a black coverall for my Biker Scout costume and wound up getting a solid white coverall form Gempler's, the same place that sells the correct rubber boots on clerenace. I'm dying the coverall black.

Ritz Dyes work but you have to follow the directions to the letter...use VERY hot water and salt.

Here's a link to an online uniform store that sells the RedCap brand coverall in postman blue:


A 100% cotton version of the coverall is also available in the same color...avoid it...it'll fade and shrink quickly...go with polly blends...ditto for the work shirt if you go the route I did.

Good luck, ;)
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Originally posted by tk412:

Soory i posted on the general topic area. But felt i post just in case you missed it on the jump suit area before we go down. Well I went to a local uniform store and found this. I will be dyeing the fabric to purple'ish. Can we dye Polyster? its 70 polyster 30 cotton. I bougth the large I'm 5'6 and weight 160. I will be trimming the waste part cuz it hangs on the croth part a bit. You cant tell by the pictures cuz i pinned it up a bit. The brand name is Red Kat uniforms. You could do a search on the web and find tons of companies the carried them. I also bought the shirt for the double shirt look on the arms. heres a link to one store for you


heres some pics


So did anyone decide on the color?

Is it purple? Is it steel gray? Is it Navy Blue? What would you call it?

I'm just curious.

*actually has a bet riding on it*

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My view is any of the above is correct. I think he has more than one, just like JetPacks. mine is that funky not quite purple color.

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I would have to agree with JangoBear. I think the jumpsuit looks different colors throughout the movie. The display at Cel II looked like it was in the blue/purple family. When Jango is fighting in the rain, the suit looks dark blue but probably because he is wet. If anyone know for sure, I am sure we all would like to know.
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Check this pic from Celebration 2:

Maybe make it a titch darker to compensate for the flash and there you go! :)
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It seems like the consenses is that it varies... *L*

Some colors are like that, it's all a personal thing what you call it. My husband and I argue over the color that is between turquios and teal... I say blue/green and he says more like green/blue.

In this case I would say it is a steel gray with hints of purple, while the person on the other end of this wager says it's more like a muted dark purple...

But since my friends assessment is closer to the description among the experts, it looks like I lost!!! *L*

Interesting picture Max... are you standing in front of glass or something? :) And you know, I wonder if I got my picture taken with you at C2... if not I should have! Dang... *L*

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Oh...heh, that's a shot of the actual costume, behind glass :)
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maybe it's, navy purple? :p Is there evensuch a thing?
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Faded Eggplant my friends. Bigkidbiggertoys has found the right fabric, but apparently it is hard to come by. I have yet to look b/c that will be one of the last things I do. I'm neck deep in gauntlets, armor, helmets, and leather to add the jumpsuit just yet. In all of the pictures that I have seen, when his visor is the correct true blue, the jumpsuit is the faded eggplant. Whenever the visor looks bright blue, the suit is now a faded lavendar (that's all due to the flash) The set lighting, flash, rain, etc all make it look different, but it is the same eggplant suit playing tricks on your eyes.
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Yeah I think lighting plays a big role on jangos suit. Here's 2 pics of my suit with different lighting. One looks purple and the other looks blue ;)

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/cele10.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/cele6.jpg>
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Hey Toymank are you trying to get one for your self? My armor parts and leather parts come from different places. If your trying to get a price range on armor - it will be endless. 1,200 at least. If you look in ebay you could get an idea of what prices are out there for certian things. I could sell you my codpiece for 30 bucks. That could be a start. But really let me think about it and get back to you on pricess on all of the parts.

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/codpiece.jpg>
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I tend to think that the color is a more purple based light indigo.
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Ok, I'll give my interpretation. It is blue with a hint of periwinkle. I definitely, lighting plays a big part. I think I found a perfect color of material at JoAnns and finished my jumpsuit last night. Will post pics later today. I was fully prepared to dye material but didn't have to. It has that slight purplish quality in certain light.
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Indigo. I'd post a pict, but I don't have too many picts of it after I re-dyed it, to make it more of an indigo. The only ones that I do have are in lower light, and it looks super purple!

See what I mean? :)
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I went with Postman Blue from Redcap where I got my coverall. It looks blue/grey but whne photgraphed, looks purplish...

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Ugh, lighting sucks!! It's the ESB Fetters worst nightmare, and it seems you Jangoites have a touch of it too!

True "white light" can significantly change the color of the costume-- just look at Seekers' pic where the Jango T-visor area is a lightish blue. I think the best ref is to go by whatever photos are available from C2 and just compensate a bit for the Flash.

Nice J-suit/stitching,Mirax. Don't know about the buster browns though...:p
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If any of you guys are familiar with medical scrubs, the color "ceil blue", I think, is very close.
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