Jumpsuit or pants/shirt?


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Trying to determine if it is really known that Boba's outfit is a flightsuit or military style pants/shirt? Not sure if I have the money to spend on a custom made authentic looking costume, so here are my plans:
-Already purchased armour, need to paint
-Have DP helmet
-Purchased gloves from Menard's (farm supply). Boomgar's (farm supply) is also a good source for gloves.
-Going with cape instead of jet pack for the time being
-Debating on purchasing either a grey army/air force flightsuit or going with grey BDU cargo pants and BDU shirt. The drawback on each is improperly placed cargo type pockets.

Would appreciate any comments, suggestions, criticisms on which way to go... especially on the flightsuit vs. BDU pants/shirt. Also, at any time was Boba's jumpsuit/pants/shirt tan in color? Some photos look like it, but not certain if it is just the pict.

please post a picture of you end product i love seeing people who don't spend top notch dollar on stuff. i love saving money, and building things. so buying stuff defeats my love affair again if you get a chance post pics
Quite a few ppl have purchased two pairs of coveralls, and then add the needed details, ie... extra sleeve, pockets, etc...

Take a look around and you should be able to dig up some tips on how others have done this. It is great to put things together yourself. Saves money, and it is fun!
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