Jr. Jett Pack


New Hunter
Hi this is a jet pack I built for my 8 year old. I use a tutorial from TK-409's site. The tutorial is to fit a 4 year old so I had to modify it a lot. I also made it strong. The first one I built him I did on the fly right before C3 and it kept falling apart. Any way I did learn a lot from this one and there are a lot of mistakes in it but it will work for the little guy untill he needs a bigger one.

Jet Pack.jpg
Most of it is foam board. The fuel tanks I reinforced with metal flashing. The two cone parts of the rocket are from plastic spray bottles I FOUND at work. The top of the rocket I made out of plaster. It cost me $2 for the plaster so I figured if I couln't make it work I wasn't out much. The base of the rocket was one of those Nerf rocket launchers. If any one needs help I can talk them through it but if I can figure it out from using the tutorial any one can. Not to menton that some one else could do so much better. It was my only real first attempt and was just trying to do it cheap as well as nice.
looks cool! for a new guy, the jet pack looks great! especially for a scratch!

nice ideas too! a nerf launcher for the rocket base! amazing!
He tried it on tonight to test fit. Not too bad. He loved it. Made all the work I did well worth it. Now wait untill he gets his new helmet.:lol:
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