Joker Hexagon Fabric Print Interest


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@crono: not bad on the costume, but the make-up needs a lot of work. it looks waaaaay too clean

Yeah, the makeup I didn't really put that much thought into. I just bought the basic cream sort of makeup that they sell at halloween and used whatever brushes/applicators that my sister had left around the house.


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To anyone wondering about the fabric order, Kwally's switched all updates to being posted on the actual order thread (I guess it turned into a discussion forum after all). This is where, a while back, Sinister kept getting those messages from Kwally that no one else could find.
Also, crono: great job on the coat, I LIKE that one guy's Spirit costume.


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Speak of the devil...

From Kwally:
"Guys! I got great news!! The fabric has been shipped and I will have it in hand first thing Wednesday!! I vow to have it shipped right away Friday because I will unfortunately be out of town until then. I will pm the 6 or 7 international guys an exact shipping quote this weekend once I get it all packaged up. I'm REALLY excited to get this stuff and get it all out to ya!! Hope everyone loves it!!! Oh yeah...thanks for sticking in there and trusting me guys! It really says a lot about the strength of this community!!! HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!"

This. Is. Awesome.


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I HAVE THE FABRIC!!!! ALL 5 ROLLS OF IT!!!! WOW!!! This is absolutely exciting guys!!! I'll get some pics up tomorrow night if I'm back by then (I'll be out of town for tonight and tomorrow). THIS REALLY PAID OFF!!! IT IS MORE THAN I COULD HAVE IMAGINED!!! International guys be looking this weekend for a pm quote on shipping!!! WE DID IT!!!!


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Hi everybody!

I created my own Joker Bank Robber Display :D - here's the result so far:

He just needs black gloves and a glock. Shirt is not 100% accurate (pattern is missing) but it's working for now. What do you think?





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Oh how I wish I'd stumbled upon this forum months ago! Would've saved me a bit of bother. Although you have given me some ideas for the bits that we don't have quite right yet.

Wasn't sure if anyone had mentioned it (only got through 9 pages or so of this thread) but there's a guy in New Zealand selling under the brand Magnoli Clothiers (otherwise known as Indy Props); he's recently added the Joker shirts to his store, along with a custom-woven Joker tie. It's a lot more expensive than the Zazzle ones, but at least you don't get that appalling white back. I received one the other day and it looks brilliant! Haven't put it with the ensemble yet, as shhh, it's a Christmas present.

Anyway, check him out if you can't be bothered making the shirt or tie. He does a pretty good job of the vest, too.


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Yup magnoli's shirt pattern is based off of the same pattern by pinder that we used on our fabric here after I cracked the pattern layout. So they're very very simillar.


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Hey Guys, im kinda new here although i have been following the this thred for quite some time. I was wondering how everyones shirts came out? Also if anyone went to a tailor what would the average cost be for them to make the shirt for you? Thanks!


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Well, boys! I just got Pinder's latest pattern, and it is ready to print!! I really really think this is the one! The cirle pattern with the little triangle IS in Pinder's pattern. You just have to look closely because the triangles are at a 45 degree angle. IT IS THERE!! Let's here what you think.


Hello everyone,
today it came to my attention that someone was using one of my own photos from my website (Naergi's Costuming Site) in a design on the Spoonflower: Print custom fabric on-demand website. In case you're not familiar with that site - people can put up designs to be printed on fabrics there, and others can order those fabrics (which are then printed and mailed out by Spoonflower).

I found out that this was true; but I also saw that the very same person had quite a few designs of other fabrics from movie costumes in her Spoonflower shop; among them the 'Barbecue dress' fabric design from GWTW. Now, this "design" was obviously made using the tiny picture of the Barbecue dress fabric that can be found on Pegee's website at
Barbecue Party Dress from Gone With The Wind
You can find the listing here:
Gone with the Wind BBQ dress fabric fabric by reproduction_fabrics at Spoonflower - custom fabric
I've already send an email to Pegee so they can send a DMCA takedown notice to Spoonflower.

Also, and now I'm getting to the point of this posting, the same person has the 'Joker' shirt fabric design in her store; in black and white and also in purple.
I think it's pretty obvious that these were ripped from the design that was developed by Pindler in this thread.
It's Pindler's design; therefore I recommend that he's sending a DMCA takedown notice to Spoonflower so that person can't rip off the design any more. For instructions how to do that, please see

Spoonflower: Terms of Service
(and maybe also How to Send a DMCA Takedown Notice | Black Star Rising in case you need an example how to write such a takedown notice).

I have already sent my DMCA takedown notice; and Spoonflower lost no time but took it down within less than three hours.
And by the way, the person running that design shop on Spoonflower is Aria Clement; better known as aria_star on the interwebs :p

Best wishes,
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