Jodo`s sidearm holster with shells!!!

Jodo Kast 3

Well-Known Hunter

Here`s a little project I just completed as well. The gun is a Bespin security gun, the holster was custom made by RA and the shells were custom made by me, and painted by RA.


reference pic 1:

Reference pic 2:

Reference pic 3:

Pic 1:

Pic 2:


Looks great man! Been workin on JodoXIII's side arm. Not a bespin blaster, but a customized deal. Will post pics later. Keep up the good work!
I can barely wait to see those progress pics, Jodo- I'm wondering how you made the shells? Was resin or fg used to make these, or any found items?:) Very cool!
Nerf Hearder...

Believe it or not, they`re made from plastic vitamin bottles, the tops of plastic easter eggs and a small pvc piece, and then I filled the bottles with putty to give them some weight.
Its the paint job that makes them look kick arse.

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