Jodo`s Gauntlets


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They look nice :) Will you be augmenting them with misc. equipment to distinguish these from standard Fett gauntlets? The damage looks good, not too overdone. I think maybe a wash of dark acrylic or some charcoal powder might help them look a little more used, but otherwise they look very nice to me :)

How's the costume coming along?


Jaster Mereel

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Whoa, nice lookin Gauntlets my friend! :D I'll tell ya, with you & your Jodo & me with my Jaster in the works hell, this is gonna be one hell'ofa year to premiere our suits :D

p.s. When your done, how bout giving me a shout & joining my Mandalorian Army -


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You two could even make a fanfilm Jodo vs. Jaster. (In my opinion, Jaster would win) Is Jodo even a mandalorian, or did he just pick up the suit somewhere?

Jodo Kast 3

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Thanks guys...

I won`t be adding anything to them because from what I`ve seen, Jodo`s were the same as Fett`s, just a different color. And yes, I`ll be doing a new progress pic with them on.

And will be an EXCELLENT summer Arturo...


Jangos kid

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Hey, those look really nice JK3! I really like your weathering, especially the right gauntlet, (love that large Z shape around the darts!) Did you use the reveal method w/ rubber cement or liquid mask? I especially like the "off-red" color that you used! Looks great bud! Can't wait to see more of your costume! :)