Jodo`s custom top jet pack

Jodo Kast 3

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Jodo`s custom top jetpack

Ok guys...

This is the best pic I have of it. Its exactly the same thing as a Boba Fett pack, but as you can see, the top rocket is different.
Jet Pack.jpg

i dont know anything about jodo cast but i love the alternative to the film fetts.would be great to see a comic book version come to life. the way that rocket tip look sweet :cheers
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Not that I'm much up on my Jodo either but, looks like his rangefinder has some sort of circular object on top of it, as well as his right ear being a little bit different than boba's too.

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my rocket is interchangable , from the old stand by to the stubby , now i need to make one of those for my arsenall.

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Very cool Jodo. Nice spot Ego on the ear piece difference and the circular thingie ontop of the rangefinder.

That's a kewel lookin' rocket Jodo! Got that almost whupped into shape?

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I will trust me. Its just a kind of a slow process on my part. I`ll keep everyone updated.

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Dude that's pretty damn cool, your working on a Jodo Kast attire & me with my Jaster Mereel (thanks to FB). These are 2 major projects taking place at the same time, good luck with yours!
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Hey Matt..

Very cool!!!! Have you gotten any of the pieces done yet? If you have, can you post some pics?

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All that looks sweet!!! I just love custom Mandalores.....

I definately have to post some more of mine.

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