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Hi again. Well, I finally buckled down and completed my first 2 pcs of Jodo Armor. I was a little overwhelmed with all the pcs so I decided to focus on the easier pcs and get going that way.

Here at last are my newly painted shoulder bells.
jodo bells.jpg

The pics are weak mainly because I'm still using my crappy webcam.

I cut them from 3mm Sintra, shaped them, primered them in white, a coat of silver, tape applied to damage areas, a few coats of "Florida Orange" were than applied, misted lightly with flat black, decal applied and the whole thing was sealed in a clear coat.

Now, only 9 pcs of armor left to go! :cry
Looking good. Nice paint job(y)

I know how you feel. I have all my parts done and ready to paint but still have yet to get to them. But it will be so sweet when they are painted and done. Just remember patience is a must when doing this. I screwed up a few pieces in the past being inpatient.:D
I was a little cautiois about the misting with flat black. If I messed it up, there goes an expensive decal and lots of work.

As it turned out, the misting looks awesome. I hope to borrow a descent digital camera and put up some better pics.'

Oh yeah, finished the cod painting today. Woot!
Same thing here as in the helmet thread, pics aren't working because this thread is almost 2 years old and the pics were probally on a server that doesn't exist anymore or the pics were moved.
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