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My old thread has gone by the wayside...might as well begin a new one.

Got a convention to debut this thing at in June. So progress should be moving along pretty quickly.

Here's my latest update:

What's this you ask? A pen, an antennae, and some sintra?

Oh my...I think I'm beginning to see it now...

Yup...exactly as I had planned...

The WHOLE photo gallery is here.
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JoNich - I have been on these boards for a while and I have to say I like your style. From the color combination to the revision of the range finder to an antenna your stuff is great. I look forward to viewing more. I still haven't given up on my 'Heavy Assault Mando', but it may take me another year to finance it. :)

Anyway, keep up the good work.
Here is some custom work that I did on my right gauntlet:



I added a set of keyboard keys to the gauntlet that actually "type" like on a keyboard. I left the mechanism intact that allows them to move up and down instead of just gluing them on. I recessed them into the gauntlet so that just the ends of the keys stick out.

I've got a "behind the scenes" look at how the thing was put together if anyone is interested, I can send you the link to my Flickr gallery.
Nice work on the Lid, dude.... and I also love the effect you have done to the gauntlets... nice choice to use keyboard keys, and more so to have them still be able to depress..... Nice work indeed dude.....
My brother and dear friend. You have done an outstanding job! Even the "Sniffer" himself can see your efforts pull through in a victorious way!

Sniff on my dear brother! Sniff on!
Well done as usual Jonich. You seem to have a knack for taking inexpensive household items and making them into a functional (and cool) gadget for your armor! I've taken a page from yours and Juns book on constructing gauntlet darts. Hopefully I'll get them done sometimes this week (amongst everything I have going on with starting a new costume and all) and I'll show you...Keep up the good work!

great to see an actual custom as opposed to a repaint.

i really like what you've done with the gauntlet especially. awesome that you have pushable keys. and i like that paint scheme

it's very chilly.

Thank you guys! :D

Zivilin, to answer your question:
your radio mod looks really nice, and part of it looks functional, did you canibalize a walky talky to make that? does it work?
Unfortunately no, it's not workable. There's so much glue gooped around the connector piece for that antennae that I would have to pry the earpiece off and chip away at it to hook something up.

Now, if I had a system set up before I started the earpiece, would be possible to hook some sort of wire up to the antennae before it was glued in and run it to some sort of walkie setup. Maybe cannibalize the guts of a walkie and put it all into the lining of the helmet so it became it's own walkie unit.

I just wanted to finish the mod that's been stuck in my head for about a year now. :p Maybe when I upgrade to fiberglas I'll incorporate all those nifty things in. :D
Ok, not much progress...and no pics to show for it. But I started some work on my shoe armor (of all things). I'm still waiting for the alterations to be finished on my jumpsuit. My wife and her friend are adding a couple of inches into the torso area so it doesn't fit so tight on the tops of my shoulders.

Our friend comes over tonight, so hopefully they'll finish it up so I can start working on attaching some of the armor.
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