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Hi everyone my name is brody im new to this. And i was wondering if u guys can give me some pointers. i have been trying to make a jet pack quite some time now, but it just isnt working no matter wht i do it doesnt look like it should and it keeps falling apart. Its getting to be really anoying and i was wondering if u guys can help me out. I want to make a good jet pack with using the leest amount of money possiable and with the most easy to find stuff or to make. If anybodycan help me that would be soooo great thanks everyone for taking the time to read this very long help question.
would it work if i put paper mache over my old jet pack its made from cardboard and tape. i know thats crap for material. would it stick and would it work? anyone?
for a more ridgid application and lighter application maybe try fibergalss resin and some fiberglass mesh strips from your local auto body shop. Much stronger an not too expensive. I use West epoxy system and fiberglass mesh but thats rather expensive for what your needs are as stated.
Paper Mache and cardboard are pretty week materials. If someone bumps into you on halloween or at a costume party or something it's gonna get squashed. I made mine from scratch using Sintra and everything else (Pylons, water bottles, Javex wipe containers, ABS Pipe, Road Hockey balls, funnels......) it takes a lot of time to find the right shape. All I can suggest is make it out of Sintra or something hard. Also I used about 50 Hot Glue Sticks to keep it all together and I am still causious with mine. For some of the hollow parts, I filled it with expanding foam but that stuff is nasty! So be casefull not to get it on anything and not to over fill with it. It grows for days and I almost destroyed my missle.

Here are some pics of my pack when I was building it.

Take your time, it took me 1 year to build my whole costume from scratch (except my helmet, chest lights and gauntlet missle).

You could always buy a nice one for a couple hunderd bucks.
plexiglas or abs or something ... pleaxiglas isnt expansive, bit hard to saw due to melting and therefore stalling the saw... but that works very well... how bout cheapo wood?
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