jet pack experts please help


jetpack experts please help

before you boo me out of THD let me explain:

i want to do a ANH Boba (dodges thrown rotten fruit)
im doing it well because, i havent seen many of them and if im with the 501st, 99% of the are FX armor wearers and those are ANH helmets, which will put me in the same time span as them...


anyways i pulled some screen grabs and it looks like he is wearing a ESB jet pack, and this is where i need the experts, is it ESB or is it its own type?

here are my grabs

thank you in advance
Nope, that's an ROTJ jet pack . There's some pics of "the Guy" wearin it in front of a blue screen somewhere
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The "ANH" Boba is referred to as the Special Edition Boba. They combined the ROTJ suit with the ESB helmet for those extra shots in ANH and ROTJ. There are also some promo stills out there with this suit. There are actually quite a few people who do that suit.
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Dont forget to leave off the Bantha skull. A big oversight imo, the skull adds 150% coolness to boba , to me at least.
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jango3306 wrote:

so its a EBS helmet
ROTJ body and pack minus the symbol?

The SE suit is:

ESB helmet
ROTJ suit minus the Bantha skull
ROTJ jet pack

You can see the missing Bantha skull around 51:57 into ANH SE (don't know about on the "new" DVDs...) During the Han/Jabba hangar scene.
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