JET PACK ESB LIGHTING BEACON FX tell me what you think....

Gonzo Fett

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Alright fetts...let me know what you think of the effect on the lighting. We are going for a ESB lighting effect and only had like less than 4 seconds to get it from film.

Here is a better direct link to the video...

it is the clip labeled esb jp light
Don't get it account is set up for public viewing.
If you get a window that pops up with a bunch of jabble there should be a blue direct link to video on that page. Sorry for all the drama. I have no business being near a computer. :lol:

Let me know if you have any issues viewing it. Also note the light never goes out just dims
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i am 98% sure that i have a way to get the Becon to do that light effect but i just havent goten around to buying a becon to try it out. if anyone is interested i could tell them my idea. just PM me

DL44 Blaster

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Looks GREAT!! This is always one thing that I wanted to have done to my dead on beacon that DeanO made years ago. Mine is a solid version,but I'm sure I could hollow it out somehow. He made a hollow run also,but I missed it.



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I would like another light on my suit aswell... though myn is ROTJ... I'd like all the lights to work anyway...

Allreayd got the gaunt light, also getting RF LEDs, now chest display would be awesome, aswell as the jet pack beacon...

couldn't you make one from scratch ?

using the measurments from your resin one, you have all the details you'd need.

Gonzo Fett

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crazy4BobaFett said:
Cool Gonzo! How'd you do that?

it's all Franknson2 from ebay. I've been working with him on some things for my jet pack. His been ever more than helpful. I also want to clear up any rumors that he was darth nut or boba phat. I would have nothing to do with him if he was. This guy is a total gent, and is willing to start over his work from scratch if it isn't right. He is currently re designing his beacon so it is the correct size.He is also working on some metal studs.
So if you get a beacon from him in the future just ask for the esb lighting effect.