Jet Pack Decal photos and placement


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Jetpack Decal photos and placement

Need help with some visuals on the decals for a Jango jet pack. All the photos on this forum are no longer visable and no one has bothered to fix them. It's hard to look for things when you can't see the photos people are referring to. I did my jet pack in the Jango/ROTJ colors so I can use it for both suits. I know they are not exactly the same but close enough for my needs. I would like to see when the decals go and how many there are supposed to be. Can someone post some photos please?
I'm gonna use webchief's placments, looks good to me.

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THANK YOU! Any knowledge on where I can get a new set of decals since mine are missong some? I have tried RA and GA and neither one has them.
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I got a pm not more than a week ago saying He didnt fool with it anymore.
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