Jet Pack, Blaster, Belt Buckle, and Shin Tools Templates


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The Webley used for the EE-3 Blasters were flare guns and not revolvers.



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New here. Looking for templates of the accessories..... blaster, shin tools, small parts for gauntlets, shoulder studs, those kind of things. Mainly something in AutoCAD. I have AutoCAD at work and a milling machine at home. These would give me more of an excuse to be in the garage playing with aluminum. I am not wanting to be supplier, just enjoy machining / creating. ( I've made several things for my R2). So main question, does wizardofflight know of such AutoCAD files or someone else has them? Thanks

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I used two layers of foam core board and lots of elmer's glue. Once dry, I did a lot of filling, especially on the top side.