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Jetpack back

I have no idea how to go about this and my other scratch built jet pack has a flat back, but for those of you who built your own. I have 1 question, how in the world did you do the back? Its thicker at the bottom than at the top, and the back is curved. Not to mention the upper part is about an inch wide, Do you just glue the material to it like an L shape and sand it down?

Maybe this picture will help explain

reprobobajet pack.jpg

I need some info on how to get the side view effect.
On my pack (it is made out of foam board) I just put it at the desired length away from the bottom of the pack then smashed it at the top. Hope this helps.
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This time I'm gonna try PVC pipe for the middle, quarter inch sintra, old spray cans. I plan on building the middle part up like I did last time from layered sintra, bondo and all that.

Any idea what to use for the fan outlet at the bottom?
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