Jaster Mereel's Jumpsuit & Cape - (PICS!!)

Jaster Mereel

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It was nice out today (well WAS) so I decided to go out & weather up my Jumpsuit, & Cape. Pics are below -




Looking good :) Is that spray paint or a powder you used for the jumpsuit? Did you burn the cape?

One thing I found worked on my sandtrooper was that dirt comes from the bottom up usually. Weather the boots and legs the most since they'll be seeing the most dirt. I plan to use charcoal sticks (for drawing) for the weathering of my jumpsuit. I use it a great deal with weathering. Simply use an x-acto to shave off small filings and they'll fall where you want them randomly. Then just rub it in :)

Looks good so far,
I spray painted the JumpSuit with a Brown primer & light Tan spray paint. I didn't get a pic of the shins on the jumpsuit - but I sprayed the spary paint at an angle so it makes it look natural as if the shins & down was most active with ground elements -

The Cape was easy, all I did was get a dark Redish material & & spary painted a little dirty, weathering all that to it, & then waited til the paint dryed & light that baby up like a firework on the 4th of July! 8 battle holes to be exact -
That looks GOOD, Jaster. Are you sure the jumpsuit is the right color? It looks a little light... Sorry to be picking apart your work... especially WIP's..
For some reason those pics came out pretty light, I put the lighting up a bit & the sunlight was out too - in person it isn't light at all really. :)
My dead line is the 17th, I really can't afford to push it back any lonfer (maybe the 18th)... I'm trying to get my Jaster Suit done before the North Carolina Toy Show, so that will be the very first time out in public -

Of course I'll have some preview pics before I go off the NC, but I'm still adding Velcro to places that need it, then I must wait for the Vest
Lookin' really good there Jaster. Great weathering/battle damage. I love it when people like you and JMP think about the logistics of just how the dirt and damage would have got there. It raises the bar further which can only be a good thing.

I hope you're not going to treat your shiny new vest like that. ;)

Look forward to seeing more pics.

Oops :p - I have some pics of a before &...after of the Vest you made :D, it's a little beat up but if I didn't weather that, then it just wouldn't sit right with the Jumpsuit & thanks again for the Vest, it rocks!
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