Jaster Mereel Jaster Mereel - The Finished Product (Mostly, anyways. :) )

Del Fargazer

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Looks great, very weathered and worn looking .. maybe bend in your shin armor a touch though ... well done :cheers


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Great job! I wanna see closeups of the ears, I like that you changed them to the way they looked in comic. The gauntlets look good too, they all scratch built?

And now that your done the costume you should take a nap... you look tired! =)

Yeah the ears and gauntlets were custom jobs by Wickedbeard - that guy is a miracle worker with metal. The whole outfit will be tweaked (IE- flight suit & cape weathering), and I'll get on bending the shins a little as soon as I take a nap. lol
Also, yeah the blaster rifle is a modified Airsoft SPAS-12 shotgun. I'm looking into attaching a bayonet to it sometime in the future. The ammo belt is a custom made compilation of a Boba ammo belt and a WW2 french ammo belt.

Here's a rough breakdown of how much everything cost (minus the custom helmet work and gauntlets, as those were a special arrangement) -

SgtFang Helmet with visor and paint - $200
Metal Armor by WB - 300
Magnum Boots - $60
Generic Gloves - $10
Ammo Belt + Girth belt + Holster rig - $375
FashionFabricsClub.com Cape and Flack Jacket Fabric - $25
Flak Jacket by BN - $80
Dickies Flight suit - $50
Blaster - $50
Lots of Velcro - $20
Lots of Goop - $30
Total cost (minus custom jobs and tools) - $1200


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Looking pretty good! I agree with Novall about making the shins tighter. Do you think you could spread out your armour a little on the chest? It looks a little compact :)

Devin Jax

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cool always was a big fan of jaster mareelcooooooool.....my costume is almost done,my pack needs to be painted then its done.by the way its a fett costumeooooh yaaaaah!!!!