JangoUri v2.0 About Being Finished! (Heavy Pics)


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Ok guys, the costume will be finished in about two weeks. The Jumpsuit is almost made and the new MoW gauntlets are about arriving to me. Now I just have to finish few things like boot armor and wheater the thigh armor and collar. I´m really happy to see all this together. I never thought I would ever made an armor like this and all is thanks to these forums (y) (y)

Pics of the jumpsuit, gauntlets and the whole finished costume coming in less than two weeks!!





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Hey Uri,

Looks fantastic man..can't wait for the gauntlets to hit your door step !

Get a look at them with that beautiful finish of yours...

Great job !


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:eek: (y) Your Jango is coming along GREAT!! That is seriously looking kick-arse. :love Can't wait to see the gauntlets finished and everything put together!!

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