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I am looking for the picture of Jango wearing the poncho. I was also wondering what would be a good way of makeing.
Here u go ;)

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I was thinking of doing one too..but i might be using a diff material...something more silky but a bit close to boba's cape condition...with holes and marks...

anyway the pic...

R_boba_fett said:
:p I think when he gets coffee and a hot dog outside the studios and wasn't allowed to show the costume around :p

Oh, lol!
And want do you want to make one of that?

that´s not a costume part :rolleyes
I always wondered why Jango didn't have any "cape" like element to his armor since Boba did, but that thing covers up way to much of his awesome armor!

Jango doesn't wear any form of trophies from the hunt like we see predator and boba fett do... wich is supposed to be an ancient ritual here one arth by ancient cultures etc.

boba's sign of "dont screw with me" are the cape, braids and the killstripes.

also the heavily weathered armor with the "shocking" skull symbol must be signs of warning and competence.

whereas Jango looks like a power ranger, Boba looks like a lazy "bum" who doesnt spend time cleaning and maintaining his stuff :p
i was thinking of doing a jango cape, with some ammopunts of weathering on it and sliding it on hisleft shoulder...cpovering most of his left side only....
Its remenisent of McQuarrie's Old Drawing oF Boba Fett on Cloud City in the Brownish/Tan Poncho.

I always thought the cape in that drawing was unusally similar to the poncho Luke ends up with in episode 4. It's also interesting to see that Boba's shoulder cape started out life as a more "poncho-like" accent. (In that same drawing it seems like it only covers the front shoulder-to-shoulder.) Very Eastwood like.
Resurrecting this thread here, but...how many of you would be interested in a run of this poncho if my girlfriend made a quality one of it?(EG: she makes it, I put it on me whilst wearing my jango armor, and post a thread with pics, and we get a run started?)

Of course..we'd figure out pricing and such later I suppose.
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