Armor Jango's Rubber? ABS? Armor Flexibility


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In Episode 2, Jango's stunt armor shows the ability to flex quite a bit, especially on the chest.
Is it rubber? ABS? Gelcoat or CC fiberglass can't flex that much without breaking, that is for sure.
Been wondering what material they used for ages. I would love to see someone offer the armor parts that are flexible, shipping, travelling, storing, and trooping in flexible armor would be awesome as you wouldn't really worry about "breaking" any of your pieces of armor.

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To be totally honest, it looks like it may have been some sort of rubber or something. Maybe using some rub n buff or something similar for color.

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Maybe thin Lexan (polycarbonate) like what RC car bodies are made out of. Shaped with heat and painted or rub n buff. I actually did a back piece out of .042" Lexan a long time ago It didn't look all that great but was very flexible and never broke or cracked. From what I can tell you should be able to vacuum form Lexan the same way you do with Sintra, ABS or PVC.
Another thing that i really wondered about this scene is when he goes up on the tower and fires his jet pack rocket at obiwan it looks like his range finder goes all the way back
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