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Yep 8 bucks! I dont' think they look QUITE as bad as some people to. When they are customized and painted correctly it is a world of help. They look great in the holster too, plus it is good to have a low-cost alternitave in in your holsters for those crowded places when things sometimes dissapear from your costume!
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Hey guys, I was just looking at the rubies blasters and I noted that perhaps the reason the flash dissapator appears larger is because the rest of the blaster is scaled down. Perhaps refitting a longer aluminum tube with a brass insert would make them less bulbous?
The Jango Fett all metal blasters are finally completed. There are a lot of large pictures here, but the details are what count. I'm really thrilled with them and hope that some of you can appreciate the efforts shown here.

ALL METAL Westar-34 blasters. Estimated at roughly 500+ hours of examination, programming, machining and hand working.

The twin pistols shown above in partially exploded form.

Comfortable grip and alignment in symphony with a well balanced pistol make for a very retro-futuristic design.

Brass tipped compensator has exhaust ports that are bead blasted for contrasting metal finishes. Careful examination inside the ports reveal the continued bore into the brass muzzle tip section that traverses the compensator section.

The most gorgeous piece of 6061 T-6 aluminium to grace a space age firearm. Yes, the grip section is solid metal. It received a special treatment to make for a more matte finish in the polish to imitate the painted resin version that adorned the original prop. Our use of metal has also helped to balance the weapon quite nicely. Both hex bolts are threaded and countersunk, one functionally holds the highly polished aluminium base plate. Note also the 2 mounted and countersunk hex screws (each at their own angle to follow the curvature of the base to avoid gaps on the heads).


The static trigger and guard are solid high polished aluminium and the trigger is wider than the tip of the guard fin. The brass pin hides a machined pin holding the trigger assembly in place. Removing the one piece trigger/guard reveals the machine bolts that traverse the cradle of the grip into the barrel cuff.



All components were custom fabricated out of solid stock and all thickness were controlled for perfectly fitting parts. Absolutely no gaps appear anywhere. See the barrel cuff above and mating with the grip section.

Also clearly shown in this image, is the thickness of the walls of the barrel section, which were controlled by cutting out of a solid stock. It was machined from the inside out. Note the space that appears between the outer barrel and the solid brass inner barrel assembly.

Pray you never find yourself on the business end of one of these babies.

Thanks for looking!

Would that happen to be gold leaf RNB? ;)
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It depends upon what kind you want. Some on this board have machined their own. Others have offered up metal westars. We've got Hasbros and Rubies blasters. They need to be fixed up but it's a cheap alternative. The Rubies are a better size so those would be your best bet. How much your willing to spend is the big factor (we're poor so we went with the Rubies and Hasbros :D).
Hope that helps.

Sorry for my ignorance guys. I said westars thinking that the all metal blasters that kropserkel made where just blasters that he called westars. I've since realized that is the actual name given to Jango's blasters in AOTC. I guess my real question is then, where can I go about finding all metal westars or plans to make them? I have access to a machine shop so any plans are welcome. Thanks.
As for finding metal Westars- the only place is ebay- if anyone is willing to give them up. That was a one time only run from my understanding of it. Your other option on metal is wait till Master Replicas makes them. The third is to make your own plans and have them machined. I don't believe anyone has plans that they are giving out on that. One other board member did this himself and they are awesome.
any one noes where i can order any decent (and decent priced too =x) blasters??

how abt rubies? recommanded??

what is thier url??

questions questions...
If you want cheap blasters then, you'd be best off buying the rubies blasters. The size of them is pretty accurate but I believe the barrel is like an inch too short.
You can buy the blasters by themselves or you can buy them with the holster. I bought mine with the holster and the price was like $22. If you buy them separately the cost is like $16.
They will need to be repainted but other than that, they're pretty good for the price.
Hope this helps. :)

PIC from the net of the Master Replicas Jango blasters that are coming out real soon.. Apparently they are going to make the official announcement on 8/28


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