Jango knee armor mods


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Bought some of JD's new Jango knee armor and made some modifications to satisfy my standards, even though these knee armors hold their own right out of the mold without any mods. Thanks again JD, I hope I do them service.

Enjoy and let me know how I can improve em before the paint goes on this Saturday!

*reference pics in photos courtesy of Jango Ref. CD. Wouldn't have spotted the difference without it. -thanks Mirax(y)



JD Jango knee armor construction 1.JPG

JD Jango knee armor construction 2.JPG

JD Jango knee armor construction 3.JPG

JD Jango knee armor construction 4.JPG

JD Jango knee armor construction 5.JPG

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Great job! Knees always get overlooked on a Jango costume. they are either too big or too small. With the mods you have done, you made them exact size.


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...dang bro did seeker infect you??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Na, slavefive, I just hired some of his elves. Hard to beat California's prevailing wage laws!:lol:

Thanks everyone, I'm honored that you all approve! I'm going to fill in a little on the top portion of the upside down "F" so that I get that straight line and then I think I'm done and ready to spay some automotive primer on em with the spraygun which will also help smooth everything out.

Any suggestions on attaching the velcro straps on the insides accurately? That's one thing I haven't seen a pic of yet.

judz dwedd

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When I made the knees, that area was intentionally made a bit wider for added strength. It was something I believed, could improve the strength, yet be relatively unobtrusive. Where do everyone's knees break? Why is that? At a con, you don't always have the luxury to say "Cut!, need a replacement knee!".

The mods look very good Cruzer. I just hope they hold up well for you still. (y)


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Pic update!

Thanks JD for your insider's perspective:) . Actually, you reminded me that I've had knee armors break on me right before suiting up for an event...that's why I've got some of yours now:lol: . Because of your sound advice I postponed primering today and spent the best part of the day making one last mod that should ensure these babies won't be breaking on me during my lifetime. However, in one of the pics I demonstrate the durability of your knee armor before installing the 3/4" aluminum stock I got at the Depot today.









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