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How many layers are there in Jango's girth belt. I saw from one of Cruzer's earlier examples that he used 21 layers. If it was 1/4" for each braid that equates to 5.25 inches. Is this the rule of thumb or is it something that you should proportion in accordance to your own build?


Mine are 22 ropes high and that is just shy of 5.5". From what I have read here 5 - 5.5 " is about right. adjust for your hight. I am 6' so 5.5" seemed about right for me.


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If you have access to this pic on the ref. cd, you can actually print it out to where the braids are approximately 1/4" in width and using a ruler make a good assumption there are 20 braids. Or you can just print it out whatever size it comes out since it's at a high pixel size and measure how much height the bottom 8 braids take up and estimate that measurement for the area covered by the belt, then add the last 3 braids visible at the top and it still comes out to a good estimate of 20 braids.

I know, I know, it may seem somewhat anal to try and figure it out by going through all that work...but hey I'm seeing a therapist about my condition. :lol:

But TK-938 is right, adjust between 5"-6" to your height. I like mine at about 5.25-.50" and I'm 5'6" but I know a guy my same height who prefers 6". Plus you can also consider scaling it to the height of your ammo pouches too so that you have the same amount of bolo strands visible on top and below the ammo pouches similar to what's seen on the movie prop.

Belts - Pouches Left.jpg

Belts - Pouches Side Left 02.jpg
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I'm about as anal as the next person who is striving for the ultimate in "cannoness". I too need to seek help.
Perhaps Seeker can counsel all of us.:lol:

Thanks for the help all. The construction begins. I'll post up some pics in a few days.

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Workin on mine right now as a matter of fact. I'm using 23, i wanted it to stick out enough above and below the pouches. All these were made to my taller than Jango frame.