Jango Girth belts?


New Hunter
Hello everyone!

I'm Brian, a brand new Fett-to-be. I'm 80% done with my Jango but I need a girth belt. It's the last component missing. Does anyone know a reuptable source for a girth belt?

Thank you everyone! I'm proud to be a member of this community!
Howdy Brian and welcome to TDH!:cheers Right off the bat, I can tell ya that one of the members here, Cruzer, makes supurb girth belts! Unfortunately, I think he may have recently closed the list for the latest run he is doing. However, I don't think it can hurt to send him a PM (Private Message.)

If all else fails, keep an eye on the threads that pop up in The Cargo Hold ... you may eventually find one.
Cruzer had a list for girth belts? If he did start making bolobelts for sale, I'd be all over it like white on rice! You probably mean his recent list for leather blaster holsters...
Well, I purchased a girth belt from him a little while ago ... but I can't remember if he made it or it was made by somebody else. I thought he was doing a run of them too ... if I was wrong here, sorry for the misguidance.:eek:
Hi guys, thanks for the props!

Yeah Scott, I made the girth belt you bought.
I've never done a run on girth belts...only posted a tutorial once and did a big bulk order of material for some folks here.

The holster assemblies are keeping me pretty busy right now, so I couldn't even consider making any girths. However, if I were to make one I'd order the bolo material from that Leather guy that chimed in on the boards a few weeks ago and then use the tutorial.

just my 2 cents,
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