Jango Fett Braided Belt source REVEALED!!!

Yes but I am trying to get this ready for halloween and no one has one in leather. Maybe I can get a better one by C III but for now I will try this if anyone has a dye mixture that they tried.
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Maybe...Vinyl. At the fabric store I bought mine from they had I think about 50 colors to choose from.
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Mirax is right. It was leather but I have not seen anyone have anything close to it.
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I bet that if you supplied the leather to some kind of a rope company, and gave them a pic of what you want, they could do that for you.
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What most of us have done is buy leather through Tandy or the Leather factory, and then you have to cut it into strips and then braid it yourself. As for using mohair, I would guess a combo of a dark brown, maybe a hint of red and black too.
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I got a bottle of Dark brown and will try it this weekend after soaking in the acetate.

I also just found a site to buy braided leather 42" long strips and I am on the phone ordering 20 of them right now.
I will posta photo once they arrive.
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Jango Braided Belt materials found

I got the materials on Saturday and boy I love it! Now just need to figure out how to make the belt.
The picture isn't showing up for me. I'd like to see and get info as well.

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I let my domain expire and just paid it back up last night so the photo should be back soon.
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