Jango bolo cord has arrived!


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Ok guys, the bolo cord has arrived. It's made from a brown leather that is more pliable than the tooling leather bolos I am used to. It reminds me of the MJ Trim cord; but 4-ply, larger in diameter, and without the glossy'ness. I threw together a quick girthbelt out of it for my son to see how it worked, and I like it. Its pliability made a very comfortable girthbelt. I did roll it up and gave it a quick acetone bath at the bottom of a bucket (just swirled and splashed it around) before gluing it because I noticed it was still kinda oily from either the finish or moisturizer.

It did come in 30 yard rolls (I had requested 25 yard rolls) so I'll need to unspool each roll and measure it out so there's enough for everyone. If there's anyone who needed more than 25 yards due to making a longer or wider girthbelt, please contact me again.

It'll start shipping out asap for those that don't need a backing piece.(y)


Oh, also a few people have contacted me about buying the leather backing piece if I have left over leather from the hide I'm cutting mine from for my girthbelt run, and so they don't have to go out and buy a whole hide for themselves. If anyone's in need of some leather backing for their girthbelt, please post and I'll see what I can do. The nearest Tandy is a little over an hour's drive away...so I'll have to see if I will be heading up that way. Depending on the sizes of the girthbelts, I can usually get 7-8 backing pieces out of a hide. So, I'm estimating $10 for a backing piece if the hide runs around $80, if I remember correctly. I like to use 2-3 oz leather for that piece.

There may also be some who need the back cover (covers the string and gap in the back), if so, post and I'll see about that too.

EDIT: I transfered the original order list (bolo only) so it can be updated with shipping info.
  1. Foxbatkllr-25 yrds-paid +backing-paid ...shipped
  2. Benkenove-50 yrds-paid +backing ...shipped
  3. Brad1957-25 yrds-paid ...shipped
  4. acyang-25 yrds-paid +backing & cover-paid ...shipped
  5. Eskilax-25 yrds-paid
  6. Loanstar-50 yrds-paid ...shipped
  7. Jango Newbie-25 yrds-paid + backing-paid ...shipped
  8. Maniacman7-25 yards-paid ...shipped
  9. FettFanatic-25 yards-paid +backing & cover-paid ...shipped
  10. Bountys Hunted-25 yards-paid ...shipped
  11. Steelblitz-25 yards +backing & cover-paid ...shipped



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If you have anything left over from this run since I missed your ordering deadline, I could use one of everything or whatever I need to put one of these together.
WOW Cruzer that bolo looks great. You can really tell how flexible it is even just off the roll. Great job with this.

I need a piece of leather for the backing and one for the back cover if you have any available. Just let me know. Thank you.
I'm starting to sense that anytime you see braided bolo...you think of a certain something?:eek:
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Looks great, I also need a piece of leather for the backing and one for the back cover if you have any available. let me know. Thank you.
Steelblitz, pm sent.

Ok guys, after rolling out the side (hide) I already had for the backing material for my girthbelt run, it looks like I'm only going to be able to get 5-6 backing pieces per hide if I cut them the general size 7" x 48" to allow for trimming and ensure everyone has enough material. This leather is a 2/3 oz. weight.

Also, it looks like for the cover piece, a rectangular 5" x 18" piece would be best to fit girth belts up to 6.25" in height and to also allow for trimming if necessary. This leather is a 4/5 oz. weight.

I'll try to run up to Tandy this Sat. morning to pick up extra leather for backing pieces and covers. If not, then it'll have to be the Thursday morning after that. It's an hour and 15 minute drive away, so please bear with me.

Here's what we are looking at price-wise with my club discount. If it comes out to less (via TDH Family discount, sales, or whatever reason), then I'll refund any excess funds each person paid.

backing - $16
cover - $8

My Paypal addy: is Lorenzo_Cruz1@msn.com

I'm only going to buy exactly what we need, so please chime in if you want those additional pieces.

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Lorenzo, I have been looking for your how to build post and cant find it. How do we glue the bolo to the backing material? What type of glue is it?
Hello MY Friend,
bolo material received Awesome stuff your the Best.

If you have any of the leather pieces left I could use both back piece and cover just drop me a pm and monies will be sent ASAP.

Thanks again :) :) :)

This is the initial one:

But this is the second one that I think explains the entire process better:

This morning during my drive to work (50 long minutes) I was actually wondering if you were going to have a proper girth belt ready to go, so I'm glad to hear you will.

PM sent soon about adjusting your hoslters.


I am trying so hard to get rid of that stupid towel you have no idea plus finich my stubby and Jimmy Buffets Jango classic JP and his ROTJ gauntlets that I did but got broken.

OH yeah doing all this while working 9am-10pm mon and tues and 9am-5pm wed and leaving at 11pm wed.........LOL

OH yeah finish my leather vest so no more hot vinyl!
firstsonofsolo, I have an extra 34" length girthbelt I can bring with me if it'll fit.

Maniacman7, pm sent.
I didn't get to the leather store this past weekend, so I'll be going first thing Thursday morn. for those back pieces and covers.(y)

Here are a few pics of what I was able to do with the bolo cord this weekend. The ammo pouches from my Seeker belt are secured onto the girth belt to keep it in place while trooping. (y)



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