Jango armor question


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Ok, I've looked around to get this answer, and I think I have but I'm just making sure.

I know how to attach the rest of the armor, but how do you attach the cod piece? I know the Boba one attaches to the butt plate like the collor and back armor do, but does the Jango version attach the same way?

Jimmy BufFETT

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I just rigged an elastic belt to the codpiece. The belt is hidden completely by the girth belt, so no part of it is visible. Just as long as the cod stays where it it's suppose to, it shouldn't be a problem.


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Make it easy on yourself. Attach it to the belt of your holsters and you'll be able to put both on in one easy step when dressing. You can use snaps or Chicago screws to fasten them together.(y)



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Here's my set up. I would suggest to go with the whole black strap just like cruzers. My was all leather before, but now I have converted to the black back pack strap thing. I forget the name of the type of material that is. I kept the some of the leather cuz my snaps and all. All the snaps you see on top of the cod piece are to connect my harnest to my cod and also to my girthbelt. That way nothing moves. :D