Is this bucket a mystery bucket ?

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Hi GUys how are you all ?

i received my mystery bucket today in the mail and i was kind of expecting more which leaves me to believe that i may have fallen into the same trap twice...

the bucket was for sale on ebay... claimed to be a mystery and considering no one else would reply to my plea lol i purchased this one on ebay...

upon opening the box i noticed that the bucket is slightly warped in that the visor area, or cheek one side is slightly more forward than the other... when i look at the bucket from the bottom or the top it deffinately is warped to one side...

is this a common trait of the mystery bucket and is this at all accurate ? i went on the assumption that mystery helmets were symmetrical...

also some details on the bucket dont match up to the measurements that TK-409's reference measurements show... for example the top brow isnt 11mm its 12mm and the width of the visor and eyebrow and chin height dont match up... its about 46mm on the top and 49mm on the bottom...

il try to provide pics a little bit later but for now, experts, please tell me what you think ? did i get jibbed again ?
It's tough to tell without a pic. The mystery helmet is definitely not symetrical (none of the original helmets were, either), so some degree of warp in the Fett bucket is supposed to be there. My MS mystery helmet has the warp. If the measurements don't match up with TK409's site, it sounds like it could be a fake, or more likely, a poor quality recast. There have been alot of those on ebay lately. My recommendation to anyone would be to stay away from the recasts sold on ebay and just buy directly from MS himself. MS is one of only two people who have ever produced "original" mystery helmets, and last time I checked, the other guy hasn't offered any in quite some time. Everything else you see being claimed as a MH is a recast of one of their pieces. Not to mention, most of the recasts I've seen sold on ebay cost more than MS charges for one of his kits.

If you could post a pic, it would make it much easier for us to tell you if yours is indeed a MH, or something else being claimed to be a MH.
thanks for the info

another thing ive noticed is the dome appears to slant more to one side of the rear of the helmet if you know what i mean...
also it doesnt seem to have the apparent flair of the mystery... i dunno im feelin a bit weird about this one

here is the pic that was supplied with the ebay auction


let me know what you think guys
Indeed, original ILM helmets have a great deal of asymmetry, and helmets that still have some linneage to original helmets will share that asymmetry to a certain degree.

The top-down warp you describe is inherent to real helmets. I can't really comment on the discrepancy in the measurements as the Mystery Helmets are several generations down from it's originator with several castings, recastings, and modifications done by different artisans.
oh k... well i cut out the visor region and put the bucket on my head... it looks ok on my head...

in regards to the range finder... the one that came with this bucket consists of stalk, and two pieces that make the range finder...the main body and a kind of lid like piece that sits on top of the range finder... it fits together nicely kind of like a battery holder and lid if you know what i mean... it doesnt slide in but it pops on top... was this style ranger finder a trait of the mystery bucket ???
Well it's definatly not one of mine. Sounds like you got yourself a genuine piece of crap.;)
I know for a fact there are 2 sellers from California that have recasted the MH and are members of this board. This helmet would appear to be from 1 of those 2 members. I'd love to be more specific about who they are but we're not to "name, names"
The ebayer you bought it from, amiafilter, uses the same crappy pictures on all of his auctions so you are never getting a true representation of the product you are purchasing. You could complain and ask for your money back on those grounds. Also he is distributing with his auctions a copy of a CD containing images that were compiled thanks to the work of Brak's Buddy(probably others I'm not aware of.) Of course it could be argued that no one owns those images except LFL but that agrument would fall apon deaf ears around here.
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hi marrow sun,
yes you are correct in your statement in that the id you name is the person i bought it off. thanks for confirming this... and yes the cd contains images ive never seen before, alot of behind the scenes pics as well as what apears to be Magic of Myth pictures...

Marrow sun if you dont mind, if your willing are you able to PM me with details about your versions of the marrow sun because im willing to replace this one i now own with something of true pedigree.

the only reason i purchased this is because i found it hard to find one from anyone else... i think you told me MS that you do have them but i never got a reply :) tis all good tho...

well then i wonder if this "mystery" that i have is warped or if its supposed to be like that... mmm its all a big mystery LOL

i did discover however that if i find the flair of the cheeks to be unsuitable i can always force them outwards more when i install the visor...

Guys thankyou heaps for your quick replies and knowledge of this i really really appreciate it...

I also want to add that the only helmets out there that should have a resin copy of my rangefinder posts are the Marrow-Sun's. Anything else that sports these will be a second or third generation recast & will be smaller, have less detail & are probably mishapen from the original. I think fiberglass shrinks something like 3% or more depending on the catalyst used, so if you have a 3rd generation bucket, you are probably looking at a helmet that is 10% smaller than the original. Might as well save some money & buy a Don Post instead:facepalm .
I would agree about not purchasing a bucket from EBAY...I would recommend getting one from MarrowSun...I got one from Ebay and from MS...I would say spend your hard earned cash with MS..He does quality work and it is much lighter weight and more solid construction. My MS2 is not nearly as fragile as the ebay one I got...IMO :)
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