Is my scratchbuilt bucket too big? So many hours of work... :(


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So my ESB Fett is just beginning to come together and I finally got around to cutting top of the T-visor out (I wanted to put it off for construction strength's sake) and I'm concerned that my helmet was improperly scaled! :cry I thought I would be able to put some foam in the top of the dome to help the bucket stand further up off my shoulders but the visor is already at eye level and I can't raise it up anymore...
So now lurking suspicions are coming back. I met some mando mercs at MomoCon and upon inspection of their helmets realized thier ear caps were much smaller than the ones I was busy scratchbuilding. I believe the guy said his was a Don Post. Are these cast any smaller than normal? Should I be worried? Do I need to start over? NOOOO!!!

Give it to me straight... or just talk me down from the ledge :wacko







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Just a comment here... I have a FP MR helmet... and when I put up to a helmet I made out of aluminum from the WOF templates the FP MR helmet is slightly smaller in scale. Just in case you wanted to know.


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Thanks for commenting guys! It's much appreciated.. I was considering finishing this for display and making a WHOLE NEW BUCKET! I'm so glad I can still wear it...

That's interesting to know that there are helmets cast that much smaller (the ear caps I saw were tiny) but who knows? And no one commented that my helmet looks like a pile of sh** so I'm really happy! Thanks again everyone for the feedback