Iron Man Armor (Sintra) !WIP!


Jr Hunter

new iron man proto-type missle gauntlet
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Jr Hunter
new helmet v2.0 and motorized face plate v3.0. test fitting the new helmet with the new motorized system. i put off the motorized jaw for now. got to get the other new motorized armor things done "motorized missile gauntlet, motorized gauntlet shield, motorized flight stabilizers, and motorized boot jet Mech".


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Hi there...

How did you work with the sintra? i have a box full but im just not sure on how to go about using it tbh!

thank you!


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Hey im new to Dented helmet and using Pepakura. Im in the process of making a Weltall from Xenogears Armor. Any suggestions or tips ? This is what Im trying to construct...



Kal El

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hey i was wonderin if you can help me build my own iron man suit. i like the designs you have for your helmets and i think you could really help me out


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More Costume modification updates :D
-New full abdominal area coverage


Adominal full coverage area complete, with some armor on to show better coverage


Rear View of better coverage


Full Adominal Area finished
i was wondering how do you fit that around your self im very stuck i hope you would help me please


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