Interest thread Jango Fett ammo belt and pouches


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I have extra leather left for a few more sets. This will be the last run I make. After this, if anyone ever needs one, just shoot me a PM and I'll make one for you. But for now, I need to get rid of this leather that's taking lots of room on my table. I need space for my clone armor. :D

shoot me a pm if you would like one. this will be conpleted in less then two weeks.

145.00 shipped. extra overseas.

paypal only.


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...for those that do not have these for their Jango Fett it is a must have...the most accurate you can get...

...seriously do not skimp on pouches for your Jango Fett or custom mando...if you do it will seriously show...and at the rate turo keeps taking on new costumes he might get too busy to re-visit ever making these!!!



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I'll let Cruzer take over the belt and pouch making. It's to much for me. it's alot of time consuming. But I really need to clean up my basement and make the available one last time.

thanks for the kind words Slavefive.


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Oh, my wife will love you for giving me even more reasons for spending MORE hours in the garage every evening.:rolleyes ...and in the mornings....on the weekends...:lol:

Your belts are the very best, it'd be an honor to be able to carry on your legacy!(y)