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I am trying to findout if anybody would be up for a set of CNC'd gauntlet darts. A memeber of the board here is working on a CAD drawing and I have somebody that can make them. I have to have at least 5 people who would want a set.

Price, it looks like they should be between $20 to $25 per set. Shipping would be extra. Shipping would be about $5 in the US. I will would need $10 down to help cover the cost. If you think you would like a set please post in the thread.

Here is what Alan has come up with. Please post what everybody likes.

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I just machined a set for myself this weekend. I will post pics in about a day or so. What a pain in the buttocks though! I may be interested for a set based on how they look. Show us the pix!

Here is the best pic of the darts on the costume from the MoM exhibit. Of all the custom machined darts I've seen, there are few that seem to look exactly right. The ones from TK-409s site have 2 grooves in the dart head, where there should one be one. (not a criticism, they're awesome!) But since the reference we have is blurry and unclear, it's hard to say what is exactly "right" I know WizardofFlight is creating some bluprints (fantastic as usual) so maybe this can help...

gaunt darts.jpg
Here are my *VERY ROUGH* turned out wrist darts. As I stated, they are not 100% accurate, as the groove in the point is too wide. I didn't have a small enough cutting bit. I also have to even out and grind down the middle section, and the bottom ring arbelow the point. not to mention that the points are all of a differing size, but that will be fixed on the bench grinder. Well, whaddaya think? (they're better than pen points or dremel bits, so that's a plus)

I'd be interested in a machined set..

shinobi, the set you made isn't half bad.. I think they'd look pretty good after cleaning them up, and even better if you'd had that smaller bit :cheers
Hey thanks! As I said, they need cleaning up. The pic from the previous post shows the correct shape, and these will be relatively close. I also have a set of knee dart launchers that are completed, and I'm working on a JP beacon and some JP thruster knobs. I know these probably belong in another thread, but It shows all of them together.


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