Illusive Paint Blend?


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I have purchased an original Illusive HIC (#66). It's not in great shape. The paint was a metallic aluminum over a black base. It's been scratched and gouged in a few places, scraping through the metallic top coat and exposing black base. The result looks like someone has taken a black sharpie to him in a few places including some fingertips.

I am trying to touch him up before I put him on display but can't find a paint blend that works well. I've been blending and brushing so far, but I'll have an airbrush soon in case that helps. I'm working mostly with Tester's model paints, trying various blends of Silver, Dark Gray, Flat Steel, and Matte Clear.

The Illusive top coat looks "Metallic" but is matte, not gloss. Blending Steel and Gray gives a close tone but no metallic look at all. Adding Silver it looks good when applied but as it dries the silver floats to the top and it becomes very bright. I'm starting to think no brushed finish will work and I will have to take my closest match and airbrush the marks. I run the first airbrush experiment Monday.

Any pointers on how to best match this paint and apply it to touch up Han would be great.


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Has anybody found a rattle can equivalent that is 90% close enough match to the paint color that Illusive chose to use? I need to paint my updated side panels in a color that won't clash...


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This is the closest I could find with reasonable effort - Dupli-Color General Motors Pewter Metallic BGM0490.

It may or may not be close enough for touchups of the main body of the Illusive prop replica, but it was close enough that painting the new panels with it did not cause them to clash.


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