1. zenix

    Zenix's HiC parts always available! custom3dstuff.com

    Hey, just consolidating and reposing. I've got a few things available and will update this thread throughout the summer as I add new exciting things. Everything's at my site, Custom3dStuff.com https://custom3dstuff.com/collections/carbonite-build-parts-and-kits Box Kit We have the box kit...
  2. K

    Illusive Paint Blend?

    I have purchased an original Illusive HIC (#66). It's not in great shape. The paint was a metallic aluminum over a black base. It's been scratched and gouged in a few places, scraping through the metallic top coat and exposing black base. The result looks like someone has taken a black sharpie...
  3. WhiteShadow

    Rubies full-size foam HiC?

    Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Life-Size Foam Statue - Entertainment Earth I found this and thought it was kinda funny if not slightly confusing... $1.5k??? I guess it's foam construction makes it easier to transport? A HiC for trooping?
  4. TheFiveO

    My HIC build. TheFiVe0

    I've seen so many amazing builds on here I have decided to dive in. I have some basic building skills and plan to learn as I go. Hopefully some of the other novice builders on here can learn with me. Here we go! The photos above are of the basic layout for the top and bottom of the...