I spy with my little eye.... GROMMETS ON THE VEST!!!

Art Andrews

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We have suspected for a long time that grommets were used on the vest and that the "snaps" used to hold the armor on passed through the grommets. Now we have proof! Go forth and FIX YOUR VEST!!!!

I did discover the grommet in this pic but I can't take credit for finding the pic itself. This pic was founf by Britt over at www.bobafettmp.com. Britt has been and continues to be a great source for ref pics!

LoL. I'll have to check back on the REF CD to see if the snap is visible...I know there is pic that has grommet on it though...And I always like to see new pics of the ESB helmet in various lighting conditions.
Well don't I feel like a silly ass! Here is a pic Chris took LONG ago that clearly shows the grommet. And people say I pay attention to detail... :(

That is how the vest I am selling is set up. The only thing I would do different is use a smaller diameter bolt to attach the armor plates.
HI BRAKS . I always thought that some sort of rivete or snaps
would attach the armor {not velcro]it tends to loose its power of holding after a while.By the way remember that left chest plate you claim there was a speaker hidden there .Do you have pics?
Ahhh....just keep checking back. My pic host has some down time every couple of weeks. The pics are there now as of 1:48pm Eastern time. ;)
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