Flight Suit I need one

Historian Fett

Jr Hunter
I'd suggest hitting up Arkady. Carole is super helpful and makes stuff custom to your unique body type. I'm waiting on a commission from her presently and have heard nothing but rave reviews about her work. See the following link/ad ...

Hope this helps!


I second that! I got a vest from her that purchased from another user and it is very good quality. It convinced me to buy even more soft parts from her!
I received a full ROTJ outfit from Arkady last month (June 2020), which was made up of a Flight Suit w/Neck Seal attached (But you can have it separate), Vest, Ankle Spats & Hip Pouches. While I can't speak to Carole's current time frame - I ordered mine in January. BUT.....I can say it is WORTH the wait! The attention to detail she takes is spot on. I very happy with the purchase. She'll ask for measurements, and in working with her I came up with a quick sheet for the measurements (See attached .PDF). I went to my local alterations gal who took my measurements - Cause I wanted to get them correct .The end result was a perfect fitting Boba Fett suit!