I need help with the smaller parts

Zurath Kodul

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I checked around, and most of the packs look amazing. I'm going to try one myself, arena-style version. I need as much help as you can give me. I'm trying to make it for as little as possible. I'm going to get some wide PVC pipe from a friend, and I'm going to coat it with cardboard & paper mache. I neeed some good, clear pics of the arena pack. I hope I'm not inconveniencing any of you with this.

I also need some tips on the gauntlets. I heard that plastic cups can work, but how?

Thanks in advance, ZK
I think he's talking about taking plastic cups that are big enough to fit around your forearms and cutting them in half to make gauntlets.
509, you got it right. Plastic cups that you can remove the bottom from, and make gauntlets from. I need to know what kind of do-hickies I need to make them look good.

JoNich, I looked around, but not very many things helped me with my particular problem.
you should try making some from sintra. I did, using the wizard's templates. they turned out great. I even used them to make my first molds with my vac table.
Well, I really don't have the money for the sintra. I did get some good-sized piping from a friend that will work for gauntlets and the JP tanks. Any advice on attaching something to make a plastic pipe look like one of the gauntlets?

sintra is like $5

everytime i poop $5 comes out, look in your couch or something

you can order from plastic distributors online as well.

you can get a 4'x8' sheet of 1/8" sintra for like $15 plus $6-shipping

you could make 1 million pairs of gauntlets out of that 4 by 8 FEET

that's like...bigger than you

check out the pack i'm making for my daughter. not arena but really easy to build so far and i am sure you can cut to fit your needs. it's under prop build show off jet pack : berravecal. i am flying solo on this........... if anyone has pointer or suggestions please let me know. i need all the help i can get. i am having a blast building it......
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