I Have an Unpainted Resin Fett Helmet... It Doesn't Fit.


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Hi all...I'm new to posting to this site so I hope I'm posting in the correct place.
I'm a long time admirer of this website but I've finally begun my project to make up an ESB Boba Fett costume. My cousin decided to help me jump-start the project by getting me a rough resin casting. I know he meant well, but it's a bit on the wavy side... Also, when he urged me to try it on it did not fit. I can't squeeze my coconut into this thing. He tried contacting the seller and he wouldn't take it back...despite the fact it has a 4" crack. The seller recommended letting the helmet sit in hot water and to try "forming" it until it fit. Also saying that "once the hole for the visor is cut, it should fit. This wasn't true...

Anyways, I digress...

Has anyone else had an issue with sizing ? Are most helmets the same size ? If they are, I might want to consider going with a Vader, Bossk, or Stormtrooper project. Although, my heart is set on an ESB Boba Fett since he's my all time favorite.

I figure as a worse case scenario, I can paint it up for an awesome decorative piece.

Any ideas/advice ?

Thanks ! ! !



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Could you post pictures of it? Also knowing the maker, or where you got it, would be a big help in figuring out which helmet would be right for you.


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The Fettpride premium kit is a bigger kit. Seller on here by name of Animefan sells them now that he acquired the molds from FP. Measure your coconut and see what the measurement around it is, with a fabric tape. Mine measures 22 and I have plenty if room in mine. Some lids do measure small though, so it depends what this was a cast of/from. The GMH is smaller, while typical MR recasts are bigger.

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asok also makes a budget version of the helmet syllander mentioned. big ol' bucket!


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On a side note a Stormtrooper lid is very small if you get any accurate helmet. Bossier heads are only done by a handful of makers and they're small too.


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Hey guys,
Thanks for all of your replies. My cousin, who purchased the helmet, is embarrassed and won't give up who he bought it from... I'd probably do the same thing if our roles were reversed. lol
I'll try a little detective work and see what I can come up with.
I was able to get it to fit...kind of. If I try and force it (now that the resin blank is cut out for the visor) it will fit, but the opening spreads out about an inch. That won't do. Actually, if I turn the helmet 90 degrees, it will slide on without stretching...then rotate back 80 degrees so it faces forward. That is acceptable. However, the more I look at this thing, the more I see the poor workmanship.
I have to try and find my measuing tape and I'll take some measurements. I'll post a couple pictures when I get a chance today.

Thanks !