I hate the scratch technique


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I started on my Fett finally
I am following some instructions found on this & other sites
I paint the parts silver
Then airbrush Floquil Enamel paints
then scratch the scratches with a toothpick

I end up with the silver getting scratched off as well as marks in the silver
I want the silver to show thru smoothly
Here's my stuff so far
I still need to do the catwhisker yellow on the scratches
I may redo it all

fett armour 016.JPG

fett armour 015.JPG
...dude you are too harsh...looks sweet...

...I used Rubber cement...believe it or not it peels off and voila!!!...silver stays put...

....here is to the next bad boba :cheers
Use Winsor & Newton's masking fluid. Very easy to use liquid latex. Paint the entire thing silver, mask the chipped areas with the latex (paint it on just like any other brushable paint), spray on the yellow, let dry some then peel away the latex. viola!
Me too...I really like masking fluid. However, as everyone else said, what you've done there so far really does look good!!!
ditto on the masking... just scratching off the paint sounds really harsh on the lower layers of paint. it's all looking good so far though, so i wouldn't sweat it. i think i repainted my knees 3-4 times, and still want to do it again!
I used the Mustard before on the :jet pack that's in the TDH gallery
I like it, it's comfortable for me, so I'll go with that for the rest of the gear.
Lewis, my friend, you are always too kind.
Thanx for the support guys
:cheers to all the finished Bobas
...LoL :lol:

...I have to be supportive since after you are done painting your Fett you are painting mine!!!! :cheers

I don't see a problem except that you made one of those scratches "too big". Have a sprite and keep up the good work.
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