I Got a pair of KENNETH COLE on eBay!


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Wow, I´m so happy, I´ve bought this pair of KENNETH COLE BOOTS on ebay wich I found (Thanks Cruzer :cheers ) for only $39.95! They are 11 US sz and they are my size
There was a start bidding of $9.99 and a "buy it now $39.95" option. I bought them directly cuz I didnt want to lose them.

Here is the link:

I can´t wait to receive them (y)
I´m not sure if they are the Pitt Crew ones, but they look almost the same.

That rocks man! You got luckey! And for only $40?! What a steal! They look almost the same, and the part that isn't, I don't think people will notice, and those that do, won't care. Great score man!
Bravo to Cruzer for the find and congrats on the purchase bro!:cheers
From what I can see in the photo aside from a few details those boots are simply spot on and quite awesome.:love
Yeah, without cruzer I never had found them. He´s helping me a lot in my costume creation :)
Yes askywalker, the part that doesnt look to be the same (the blue one) is never showed and is hidden by the trousers then, yeh, who cares!


Damn guys, within 1-2 weeks Im going to receive a BKBT helmet, a whole JD armor, a Shunned grey accurated leather and that pair of Kenneth cole. I´m So excited!! My friends and family think I´m crazy, you all are the only ones who understand me :lol: :lol: :lol:
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JangoUri said:
My friends and family think I´m crazy, you all are the only ones who understand me :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes, my friends and family feel the same way about me... so I do understand! :lol:

Great find! You're Jango is going to be awesome! (y)
Same here. my parents think i'm starting too early ( i plan to make 1 for halloween), and my friends say i'm a geek (even though i play video games 24-7, if i could). though i have to agree with my friends, i am one.

Congratulations Uri! u must really be happy!
thats great!those boots are awesome! Now i need to find me a pair or get a pair from reinone. Still haven't heard back from him. He said he forgets to check his pms. Somebody please shoot him an email and let know i needs a pair.
Cruzer helped me as well:)
Got the fabric from him for my Jango Jumpsuit(y)
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