I give up!


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I have to say that i have enjoyed working on my suit for the past 8 months and i have been working very hard to finish it and i tried it on today with the intentions on showing you people here what my progress has been thus far. As i was walking to get the camera my shin peace fell off and i let it go and thought id take care of it. Then my chest peace just fell off and when I bent over to pick it up the attachment to my holster snapped and when i stood back up I heard a part of my jumpsuit rip. At this point I lost it and tried not to get too angry with the suit on so i would not destroy it. But im now at the point where i give up!! Im only 16 and ive had no help from anyone with it and some of it just wasnt there cause i could not afford to spend more money. After I spent about $350 on this suit and now wasted 8 months of my life I cant pick it up again. I feel terrable to let my dream go but I wish everyone here luck with thir armor and that you are very sucessful with it. I may stop by to help people out with their questions and complement peoples progress but all in all thats about all ill be doing here. Besides ive been working on this

well good luck and do well
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never risk fett

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well, the anakin looks kik *booty* man! but...i had the same experience (im only 19 dude) w/ stromtrooper, your best bet is to take it all off...relax for a while, and either pick it up andstart fixing what needs to be fixed or pack it away until u have more funds. dont just flat out give up! throw it in the attic and save it for a summer project orsomething! dont give up!
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To Quote Bruce Wayne's daddy
"And why do we fall?"

Don't let it get you down. I starteed my suit over 2 years ago. The only thing I have finished is the Jet Pack.


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...seriously bro...you should not give up unless you feel that you just cannot do it...seems you have some ability to create...just put it away for a tad and come back to it later w/a fresh attitude...it is trial and error...

...I would have to say that most of us did not get our costumes up and running w/out a few mishaps...when these things occur it helps to address any future problems that may arise...

...if parts are falling off...ask yourself "why?"...and check to see what you can do better so that it wont happen...or if your jumpsuit ripped "why?"...was it too small and needs to be bigger???...hope this helps and good luck...

Take care
Lewis :cheers


Never hurts to ask for help. The advice on how to fix it or on how to make stuff stay on better. I might be asking someone in the post above for help later.


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18 here myself, my Fett is now... 3 years in the making... I;ve come quit a long way... dunno if you've seen my current suit, but it was complimented on by the best of the best here on the boards... and they said they liked it :p

don;t give up, I've been there to... totally freaked out and down the drain...

TDH helped me pick up the hobby again, go through with it... but not that intense... a small thing here,... small thing their...

make it a hobby instead of an obsession, I know it's difficult, specially if their;s allready alot of time invested in the project.

Eventually.. you'll get there...

keep going!!:cheers


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I have been modeling and prop building for over 30 years, and believe me I have had many days like that, everybody in this hobby does. All I can say is don't give up. Just put it a side and come back to it later. This is a normal part of the creative process just ask any of the pros. Believe me, the satisfaction that you'll get when you finish will be well worth it.



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You need time away from it.BUT do not give up. You WILL kick yourself later after you sold off your pieces. Hang on to everything and and just take a break and concentrate on something else for awhile and come back to it with a a fresh view. I have somewhat of a temper myself and that is how i handle it. It took me aloooooong time to control myself but i can see things in a different light after a break. When you feel yourself getting angry put it down and walk away. Remember, once you start down that dark path forever will it dominate your destiny.
I may be 36 but i have the will,heart and drive of a 16 yearold. Enjoy it everday day guys it goes by so fast. :cheers