I am going to kill my JP, help!

I finally got done with mine last night. It is very similar's to Chris' except I used buckles instead of loops and the opposing velcro straps go all the way down to the front of the chest strap for easy self adjustment. I also put the chest strap buckle in front over the sternum for easy removal.
I got em up higher now. But havent done another test fit yet with the JP on. They seem alot better now though. Probably up about 3.5 inches on center. When I wore the vest again, they seemed to be right behind my shoulders so i hope its good cause this is where its going to have to be for C3 i think

I am out of time to mess with it. I have a little time tomorrow night but thats it


IT will fit alot better for you. IT will be fine, Have fun and dont worry to much about it.

I also Pm'ed you about a backplate.
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