how to tranfer money to some one


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I know this isnt directly to do with fett...but its about an item i won on ebay which is from germany, they are 3 sheets of sintra and they dont have pay pal!!!!

They said that a wire/money tranfer would be ok but i dont know how to do it, any help????


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You might try Western Union. I had a guy who bought a helmet off of me on eBay a while back. He said he didn't have paypal and kept trying to get my bank account number so he could 'wire' me the money. I finally told him to mail me a cashiers check. I would stay away from anything that they could trace back to my bank account. Plus, since they don't have Paypal, they can't be too demanding on what type of payment you send. Personally, I would mail them an international money order, and get a tracking number for it, so they can't say they never received it.



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Im getting it from a company, and they were fine giving me their details, and i'll destroy them once the money is tranfered, i just didnt know how to do it. Im going to my bank on monday to do it cos no banks are open on a saturday.

Thanks for everyone help!!!


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You can't put a tracking number on it at the post office if its leaving the U.S., that is for domestic use only.... I just went through that.
You will have to send it UPS to get a tracking number to another country.

"edit' crap, you are in England. Sorry, might be different :eek:

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The best way (and cheapest) is tosend through money order. your bank should give you all the info you need. western Union works to but they have an heck of a service charge.. yuck!


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watch out when people want you to pay with wire transfer off of ebay, the money is never guaranteed against fraud, and you could be losing a lot of money depending on what you are ordering

there is a long history of hijacked accounts on ebay where sellers will try to post auctions with electronics for unbelievable prices and then only accept western union wire tranfers

just be careful, i suggest money orders because you have a receipt and can stop payment etc. if someone runs with your money

this is just good general ebay advice, i doubt anyone would rip you off on sintra, but better safe then sorry



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Its ok ive doing it now, and I asked the guy if he could send the forex/sintra asop, and it arrived well impressed and he was very nice. I think that since he is part of a large company in germany, im sure it will be ok...i hope so anyway. Thanks for your concern though, im sure my money will get through ok.