How to thinken/reinforce a resin helmet?


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OK I need some help. This is not a fett project but the same building theories can be applied. I have a resin Clone Helmet that is pretty thin and I want to reinforce it from the inside. I saw one of these dropped at a recent show and it cracked in multiple spots. I was going to use fiberglass cloth and resin that I got at Lowes but i was warned that "The resin from Lowes or Home Depot will de-laminate from the original material." Has anyone done something like this?



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Try a marine supply store and look at in the boat maintence/ repair area. Maybe they will have something specifically for that. After all, boats are fiberglass and they need to be repaired from time to time. It's worth a shot.


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My advise in this matter would be to make sure the entire inner surface area has been scuffed up real well, I recommend using an 80-100 grit sandpaper. I've never had a problem with Urathane and polyester resins bonding, but like pennywise recommended I too use only marine grade products. I would pick up a small bottle of fiberglass resin and use FG MATT not cloth, 1oz cloth should do the trick. Perhaps you could ask our in-house master, JD more advice.


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you can also use West system epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth this will not cause delamination and is much cleaner to work with