How to paint resin to look like wood?


Well I found a pretty sweet deal on an ESB E-33 blaster kit, only problem is the stock is resin. How might I go about giving it a 'woody' paintjob?
:p how bout gettin a trash piece of wood (can be found in the trash cans at all kinds of stores and even schools)

and just get the template from around here, and rasp, sand it out!!
its really not that difficult, I did it, wich means anyone can do it, just get some soft wood, not the hard real mahony stuff, wont get through it.

then after woods, when its blank, put something on it wich is called "beits" in dutch over it, its like paint, so you can darken the wood, but you'll still be able to see the patern of teh wood nerves through... and the more layers you put on the wood, the more darker it gets. I'm planning to do mahony colour over myn (also ESB).

you can also make the grip piece this way (dont ask em about the patern, im not riskin ruining it by doing soemhting liek this), get a plank, trash again, same material as teh stock... in dutch we call what I used : "vuren hout" in english, litterly it would mean : fire wood, but i doubt thats teh right translation.

I dont mean the compressed stuff like MDF, but real plankes, but still soft...hard to explain... well hope that helps, and as for the how to paint resin into woodlike appearance?? make it an all over mahony colour, then with some darker brown/mahony, make a wood nerve pattern, lookin at real wood for reference, afterwards, put a layer of high shiny transparent caoting over it and...well thats what id trie, never done it though....
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