How to fix knee armour ?

Broken into three pieces .. sides broken of on the thinnest parts.
Probably cannot be fixed anyway.
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well, you could do what I did, I just attached mine back after that happned with sintra strips on the underside heated so they fit the curve perfectly, than glued, than filled. It works well enough if you dont have another 60$ to spend.
That is a great way fix stuff like that ... but I'm having a hard time trying to find our UK version of sintra ( Foamex ... Forex ) as no one seems to have heard of the stuff :facepalm ... maybe some strips of metal

Cannot really afford another £40
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Sand it down completly and superglue the pieces back together, that should keep them from falling apart while you bondo the cracks and smooth it back out, Then I would go get a small plastic trashcan and cut stripes and heatgun/hairdrier and superglue them into position, then I would fiberglass over it with a small fiberglass repair kit, there about $10.
Fetthehunter>> Ask for Foamed PVC... that usually helps the guy know atleast along which sort of plastic you need.
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heh, trashcans can do anything, I bought 2 yesterday to stary playing with. I wouldnt use metal strips because even if you could get them to the right angle to fit, they will bend easily nad that could comprimise the integrity of the kneepad. You want something rigid. Id wait until you found some sort of heat adjustable plastic before fixing them just for the sake of doing it right, or you could do as I did for my brother, which is just attachach all 3 peices to the elastic chord that straps them to your knees so they stay flexible and break free. BUt then again, he is in college, where being drunk in it is a very real possibility, so yourcall really.
YOu know the screen used ROTJ suit. ITs left knee guard is broken into pieces and held together with elastic, I dont know if it was when the scene He fell down on the skiff and it broke or what, but its so badly damaged they replaced it with the ESB knee guard for the AoSW exhibit.
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Huh! My left knee broke two weeks ago and I just put it back together today. I sanded the paint off on the inside about 1/2 to 5/8" on each side of the break and then epoxied a piece of ABS plastic in there. There was already another reinforcer in there so I put another thinner layer over the two of them with all purpose ABS / PVC cement. Should hold just fine. I also put some more "goop" on the elastic ends.
Cool pic cal, but those aren't ESB knees ;)

Thanks everyone .. :)

Forex is the UK version of Sintra ( incase anyone else needs any )... Thanks Boba maker (y)

I'm putting them aside for now and wait until I have time to fix them .. good advice about the metal strips, I can see how that would not work so well now.
I'll probably save them for my custom Mandorlorian so that it wont matter so much how they look after I have been at them.

Aswell as the complete fibreglassing packs you shouldd be able to buy all the stuff separately if it is a decent car /repair shop :)
At least you had a tasty treat.

Eat it!!

JFJ- hmmm prepro then? I dunno where they got them from but they sure are different.
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